While on our company retreat in Las Vegas, the team managed to venture off the strip one morning (dark sunglasses and coffees were a mandatory) in order to indulge in the colorful history of the sin city, told through old city signs from past decades. The Neon Boneyard, an outdoor museum that collects and restores abandoned signs, was the perfect stomping ground for a team full of art-enthusiasts. We were moved by the craftsmanship that was apparent throughout all of the sign-making eras, which as we learned are defined by not only the advances in materials available, but also the social and economic shifts that occurred. From the original hand painted signs that proudly reflect brush strokes to bulb-studded monstrosities that have death-defying stories behind their installation, we took our time to marvel at each and every one appreciating correlations in the work we do every day at AZ. Though sign mediums have dramatically changed over the years, the common theme has always been to capture attention and create action — all the while competing to be bigger and more disruptive than the last. This is where as an agency, we felt the most connected to the deserted signs we were admiring because we strive each day to create impactful advertising that is both beautiful and strategic. Signs aren’t necessarily a trade you stop and appreciate, but we found it to be an inspirational morning (minus the hangovers) that we are excited to share. Check it out for yourself next time you’re in town – it’s a great one-hour break from the madness of the casinos and strip, and it takes you to old town Las Vegas.