Your Code


At the core of every great brand is a unique DNA that can be used to guide its every message and action.  With a solid DNA, everything becomes clear and focused.  Without it, it’s all just guesswork and conjecture.  Our DNA LAB starts with research and culminates in an inspiring, guided workshop where together, we peel back the layers to uncover your genetic make-up and emerge in lock-step with a unique position, focused direction and clarity of purpose. We bring together our team, information, your team, and all of our experience to clarify or define a DNA that provides the foundation on which we will build your marketing and communications plan.

DON’T GUESS, KNOW.  We start with a review of the competition then talk to your staff, your customers, your prospects and your partners as well as potentially surveying customers and target groups to make certain that our beliefs line up with reality.

THE OUTPUT.  We deliver a creative brief that encapsulates all of our insights and will guide the brand and creative development work.  As well, you will have a defined DNA Map and messaging architecture that will allow us to begin to spread your brand message immediately.

THE RESULT.  You come out the other side with a well-defined personality, voice and direction that allows us to know to whom, how, and where to tell your story and create meaningful interactions.  You will have a clear brand to communicate internally and externally, with consistency and focus.