Anastasia Toomey : Partner/CEO | oversees all targeting, research and strategic planning assignments as well as general agency management. That means she digs people, trends, data, thinking, education, information, measurement, new ways to interact with consumers and clear, focused direction. Her job is to ensure there’s always a reason and direction behind our creative and a way to measure its success. Her 20 years of experience in brand management, equity building and strategic planning allow her to approach brands from every perspective. She started her career in Chicago at Leo Burnett where she spent almost 9 years in account management learning how to run the business and relationship side of planning communications for clients. From there she was tempted by the siren’s call of the client side and she spent a year and a half at Jim Beam Brands as the Brand Manager for Australia and New Zealand. This experience taught her to respect her clients and the pressures they are under every day to deliver revenue. Missing the creative side of agency work, she went to NY and spent several years as a strategic planner at Saatchi & Saatchi where she earned her the first of several Effie Awards for marketing and advertising effectiveness. In 2004, she briefly took a management position with Arnold Worldwide in Boston before leaving to run a strategic planning department of 15 for AMP, an experiential marketing agency also in Boston. As part of the four person management team at AMP, she came to understand systems thinking and the day-to-day challenges of corporate management. In 2008, she moved to Denver and helped to start Telocity Group, a business and marketing consulting firm. Again, missing the creative interaction of a full service agency she, alongside Jeremy Irwin, founded Agency Zero in the summer of 2011 in the hopes of offering a new agency model to move as quickly and nimbly as today’s consumer demands.

Jeremy Irwin : Partner/CCO | is responsible for the creative content of the agency and brings over 15 years of creative direction, copy writing, film directing, audio production and digital strategy.  Jeremy’s attention to detail, focus on innovation and knack for the unexpected has earned him a great reputation in this industry by clients and competitors alike. Irwin is an expert viral strategist promoting brands from the position of impact and return on investment. He pushes the limits of technology and devises exciting and unique ways to draw in the audience working under the simple truth that if you can entertain or intrigue your audience, they are infinitely more likely to retain and spread your message.  Irwin has held various positions  in his storied career; Director of New Business at Fuel Brothers, Creative Director at Pushtank, Chief Creative Officer at HIM Creative, Executive Creative Director at TVG LA, and most notably, the Founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Xylem Interactive which he grew from a basement office into one of the most recognized and decorated online advertising agencies in the world.  Over the years he’s worked for some amazing brands including: McDonald’s, Nike, Gorilla Glue, YPO, Chipotle Gourmet, Genetic Shoes, Red Robin, Dish Network, Jimmy John’s, Giant Bicycles, Church’s Chicken, Mini Cooper, Airwalk, Jack Link’s, and Alltel and has won numerous awards including:

2000 Flashmove.com Flash Site of the Week (XylemInteractive.com)

2001 ADCD Silver in the category of New Media / Interactive (Array Biopharma Intro )

2001 ADCD Bronze in the category of New Media / Interactive at ADCD (Exhibit logistics)

2001 Flash Site of the Week on Flashmove.com (XylemInteractive.com)

2001 XylemInteractive.com reaches #2 in aesthetics in the Ultrashock Flash Challenge

2001 Flash Film Festival New York – Finalists (XylemInteractive.com)

2002 XylemInteractive.com is recognized on Shockfusion.com

2002 Flashmove.com feature (GeneticShoes.com)

2002 Clickoftheday.com Site of the Day (GeneticShoes.com)

2002 FlashKit.com Site of the Day – for 1½ weeks (GeneticShoes.com)

2002 Macromedia Site of the Day – May 23rd  (GeneticShoes.com)

2002 Sonic Foundry Audio Sponsorship

2002 Macromedia Site of the Day – July 25th  (Chipotle.com)

2002 Flash Film Festival San Francisco – Finalist (GeneticShoes.com)

2003 DAF Gold Addy (Match.com – This is Yolanda)

2003 DAF Gold Addy (Chipotle)

2003 DAF Judge’s Choice Awards (Chipotle)

2003 District 12 Ad Federation Gold Addy (Match.com – This is Yolanda)

2003 District 12 Ad Federation Gold Addy (Chipotle)

2003 AAF International Gold Addy (Match.com – This is Yolanda)

2003 AAF International Gold Addy (Chipotle)

2003 Communication Art’s DesignInteract.com Site of the week (Chipotle)

2003 FWA – June 20th (Chipotle)

2003 Macromedia Site of the Day – June 19th  (RedRobin.com)

2003 October 24th Macromedia Site of the day (InfinityHomeCollection.com)

2003 October PRINT Magazine features Chipotle.com in the 2003 Interaction Annual

2004 Macromedia Site of the Day – June 23rd (JohnAtencio.com)

2004 Macromedia Site of the Day – July 24th (GorillaGlue.com)

2004 FWA – July 19th (GorillaGlue.com)

2004 BFAS.com “Best Flash Site” (GorillaGlue.com)

2004 Communication Arts Network Site of the Week – October 11th (GorillaGlue.com)

2005 FWA – February 23rd (JimmyJohns.com)

2005 March Communication Arts Magazine Site of the Day (WkJessee.com)

2005 Webby People’s Choice Award (Chipotle.com)

2005 Webby – Best Restaurant Website (Chipotle.com)

2005 Macromedia Site of the Day – October 1st (Red Robin Burgerizer)

2006 IAC Awards – Best Restaurant Flash Email (Chipotle “Summer Soul-stice”)

2006 FWA – February 24th (Church’s Chicken)

2006 Webby Nomination (JimmyJohns.com)

2008 Adobe Site of the Day – May 13th (Spicy Pickle – LanguageofFlavor.com)